Friday, May 20, 2011

#7 - Talking Stick Golf Course - Arizona's # 7 Best Golf Course - Top 10 Arizona Golf Courses Number Seven

Talking Stick Golf Course
9998 East Indian Bend Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85256

Perhaps some of the most innovative design technology of our age has gone into the creation of the Talking Stick Golf Club.  Placing the Talking Stick Golf Club in a beautiful and uniquely challenging location has provided players of all ages with the golfing experience of a lifetime.  No matter your skill level you will certainly find enjoyment while playing the Talking Stick Golf Club any time of the year.  This Scottsdale golf course is designed with players of every caliber in mind.  Whether you are a novice, intermediate or professional, the Talking Stick Golf Club was created with your specific needs in mind.  It is simple enough, yet challenging enough, for players of all status. 
The Talking Stick Golf Club understands the importance of keeping true to the game.  With this said, all players immediately notice that the Talking Stick Golf Club portrays golf in its most traditional sense.  From the tranquil and relaxing surroundings to the angular holes that reward an innovative and intuitive play, Talking Stick Golf Club will surely be surprising you, pleasantly, at every turn!  For those players who enjoy a bit of a challenge the slightly crowned greens as well as the most close-cropped approaches encourage a more thoughtful and forceful approach.  Those looking for a more straight shot approach have the option of the southern course; this particular course at Talking Stick Golf Club is lined with trees, higher greens, and is defended on the sides. 
Everybody loves the after game relaxation, and the clubhouse at the Talking Stick Golf Club has lockers for players, full service dining, and even private dining for those who have larger groups and seek more privacy.  Those players who find themselves in need of instruction are in luck!  A practice facility is on location at the Talking Stick Golf Club from the Tim Mahoney Golf Academy.  You can enjoy a long leisurely game of golf, a long practice, and then relax in the clubhouse with a nice cool drink.  There is no finer end to a relaxing day! 
As is apparent, the Talking Stick Golf Club is top notch in course design, game play, relaxation, scenery, and after game relaxation facilities.  There is no better place to escape from the worries of everyday life than the Talking Stick Golf Club only a short distance from the very heart of Scottsdale, Arizona.